Are your passwords protected?

Cybercrime embraces any illegal activity that involves a computer or network connected devices. The risks are greater than ever before because of the sheer number of connected people and devices, as a result, the rewards of cybercrime surpass most other forms of criminal activity.

The problem is of epidemic proportions in the UK which is second only to Colombia in terms of the number of reported incidences of cybercrime and fraud than any other country in the world.

It is clear that businesses and other organisations need to have systemic processes in place to prevent, detect and respond to these risks if they are to avoid financial and reputational damage. 

At Newton, we offer the best enterprise security hardware and software solutions, coupled with decades of knowledge and experience in the security sector. Our knowledge, experience and partnerships with leading providers, allow us to tailor and provide our clients with the ultimate security solution to protect their organisation.


Password security and management is ultimately very important in today's digital world. The days of using 'Password' or '123456' have long gone. It is now advisable to have a different password for every login you use. This could mean 100's if not 1000's of passwords to manage and remember, pretty much impossible without the right software tools and apps. There are lots of great apps available on the market, which don't cost the earth. My favourite is 1Password, it is affordable, simple to use and allows the user complete control of their passwords, logins and other sensitive data. With the built-in password generation tool, you can generate complex passwords based on specific recipes you select.

Here is the link to 1Password -  https://1password.com

A 13 digit password using a mix of alpha, numeric with special characters would take a hacker 3000 years to hack, but a simple password such as 'password' takes a mere 1 second.  You can check password recipes and the time a password would take to hack using this website from kaspersky. Remember, do not use your real passwords.

Here is the link - https://password.kaspersky.com/in/ 

So remember to use individual passwords for each and every login. A password management tool will help you manage your credentials and assist with creating and storing secure passwords.

But... we can't defend the stupidity or some individuals in this hilarious video interview. Sit back and enjoy how people are manipulated into handing over their passwords.