The Ten Myths of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Myths

Cloud computing has become a buzzword, every day we talk about the cloud and most of us are using some type of service operated within a cloud-based environment. But is cloud computing secure, will it save me money and will it increase my productivity? Questions, questions, questions. Well, we have answers to the most commonly asked questions, debunking some of the myths. 

Is the cloud self-sufficient?

In the cloud, everything from the infrastructure layer upwards can be automated and managed. But you’ll still need expertise and understanding to manage the tools involved, this is where the right IT and cloud provider can help.

Isn't the cloud secure?

Security risks in the cloud are very similar to those faced by traditional IT solutions. But, in the cloud, you and your cloud/IT provider share the security responsibility.

Is the cloud cheaper?

It’s not always cheaper to run your services in the cloud, but it’s often more cost-efficient if you do your research and planning prior to implementing change. If you have multiple servers operating 24 hours a day, for example, dedicated cloud servers may give you the same computing power, for far less.

Is the cloud the best option?

Although every business can benefit from the public cloud, some businesses will require a hybrid solution of public, private and dedicated infrastructure. Speak to the experts and find out the best way to manage your needs and expectations, every business is different. 

Is the cloud bad for the environment?

environmentally friendly Cloud Computing

Businesses that run their own servers on-premises often use a lot of power for cooling, lighting and maintenance. But hosting providers which operate within data centres are continually investing in the latest power-efficient technologies, updates and ways to make their services more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Cloud migration is difficult and not for me?

If you’re running out of date servers, some cleansing and architecture revisions and updates may be required before you begin a migration project to the cloud. But with the assistance of experienced IT experts, you can migrate simply and seamlessly, with minimal downtime. But as the proverb says 'fail to plan, then plan to fail', so make sure you consult with the experts first.

The Cloud costs people their jobs?

The ever-increasing shift to cloud technologies has actually created many jobs since it requires a host of cloud-savvy experts, whose skills and knowledge help maintain and strengthen future growth and development.

What is the big deal about BIG DATA?

Big data can cripple your storage, infrastructure and IT systems if managed incorrectly. But with a well designed and structured, cloud-based approach, you can gain valuable insights from your data — giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Cloud technologies are in its infancy, should I change?

Cloud computing is fast approaching maturity, with constant innovation occurring at an ever-increasing pace. Those who harness the power of cloud now will be first to reap its long-term rewards, don't delay make sure you are on the bandwagon. 

BYOD - Bring your own device

Bring your own device is expensive?

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies don’t require a hefty price tag. The cloud enables anytime access on any device, with high levels of security but without the need to build the infrastructure to support it.

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