Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

State-of-the-Art Replication Services

For businesses worldwide, the most serious requirement in recovering business operations after any unforeseen disaster (eg flood, fire, significant power outage) is recovering your data from your most critical servers. 

Companies must take all steps necessary to prepare for data loss no matter what the cause. Our Data Replication Services replicate your production data, in real-time or on an over-night schedule, over a secure VPN link direct to one of our Data Centres in the London area. 

Platinum Service - "Zero Down Time" 

  • Managed Service Type: High Availability
  • Dedicated server, Application and Data, Real-time Replication
  • 24x7x365 Access to data, which requires High Availability, immediate failover to Secondary Off-site Server, Remote Access and Complete Management.

Gold Service - Four Hour Down Time

  • Managed Service Type: Virtualised Server
  • Dedicated Server, Application and Data, Realtime Replication
  • 24x7x365 Access, secondary server, complete management, servers up within 4-hours

Silver Service - One Day Down Time

  • Managed Service: High Availability with 1-day exposure
  • Dedicated Server,
  • 24x7x365 Access, High Availability, Immediate Failover, Secondary Off-site Server, Remote Access, Complete Management, Overnight Replication

 Bronze - Data Only Replication

  • Managed Service Type: Shared Secure Server Space
  • 24x7x365 Access, Data Only Replication, Scheduled, Complete management.

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