IT Support

We provide flexible support contracts which reflect customer requirements. Problems are identified by our online monitoring tools managed by our 1st line helpdesk support staff.

Our vast knowledge of software monitoring tools means we are alerted to potential issues before any serious incidents occur. Thus, the resolution can be reached before they impact your network, server and finally your business.

Our secure remote access service means most issues are resolved within minutes.

Newton Capabilities

  • Flexible Support Contracts with Fully Comprehensive SLA’s
  • Unlimited On-site and Remote Support
  • Fully Accredited and Trained Engineers – Microsoft MSCE, Cisco CCNP, Citrix CCA, CCEA, BS7799 Lead Auditor.
  • Managed Support and Monitoring Services
  • Regular Vulnerability Penetration Testing
  • Complete Initial Site Survey

Option 1: Fully Comprehensive

Most customers’ pick our Fully Comprehensive as it covers all your hardware, including the cost of hardware replacement*, software issues, your network and internet line – in short basically, everything.

There’s no additional costs for a site survey report, which you’ll be given a copy of, regular server health checks, regular antivirus updates and ensuring your tape back-up is working correctly. These are all very common problems and if maintained it makes your IT simple and predictable.

We think it’s the ideal contract because it aligns our interests with yours: with a fixed price for all support, it’s in our interests to make sure nothing goes wrong.

Option 2: Packaged Hours

This contract gives you control on the number of hours you want to spend on your IT support. Buy as little or more as you wish, according to your budget and we’ll only use your hours when you require the support. This contract allows you to contact helpdesk for free advice or talk to our pool of IT experts.

Option 3: Pay as you go

This contract really lets you watch the purse strings. When you need IT support give our IT helpdesk a call and we’ll only charge you for the hours it takes to fix the problem. We will make you aware of how long it will take a fix and also give you some recommendations for future proofing to prevent further problems from occurring.